How to Cancel Amazon Flex Block: A Step-By-Step Guide

Amazon Flex offers an opportunity for individuals to earn income by delivering packages as independent contractors.


However, circumstances may arise that lead you to consider cancelling your Amazon Flex block.

What is the Amazon Flex Block?

Amazon Flex Block refers to a program offered by Amazon that allows individuals to work as independent contractors to deliver packages using their own vehicles.

It is part of Amazon’s last-mile delivery strategy, aimed at ensuring timely and efficient package deliveries to customers.


Amazon Flex provides individuals with a flexible way to earn income by delivering Amazon packages within their local area.

Here are the key features and details of Amazon Flex Blocks:

  1. Independent Contracting: Amazon Flex drivers are considered independent contractors rather than traditional employees. This means they have more flexibility in choosing when and how much they want to work, but they are responsible for their own expenses, such as fuel and vehicle maintenance.
  2. Scheduling Blocks: Drivers can schedule delivery blocks, which are specific time periods during which they are available to make deliveries. These blocks are typically a few hours long and are assigned in advance through the Amazon Flex app.
  3. Amazon Flex App: The Amazon Flex app is a crucial tool for drivers. It is used for scheduling blocks, navigating delivery routes, scanning packages, and confirming deliveries. Drivers receive all the necessary information about their assigned blocks and routes through the app.
  4. Package Pickup: After arriving at an Amazon delivery station, Flex drivers use the app to scan and pick up packages assigned to them for a specific block. The app provides instructions on organizing and loading the packages into their vehicles.
  5. Delivery Process: Drivers follow the app’s navigation to deliver packages to the specified addresses. The app provides real-time updates and instructions, ensuring a smooth and efficient delivery process.
  6. Flexibility: One of the key advantages of Amazon Flex is its flexibility. Drivers can choose the days and times they want to work by selecting available blocks that fit their schedules. This makes it suitable for individuals looking for part-time or supplemental income.
  7. Earnings: Drivers earn a predetermined rate for each block they complete. The rate may vary based on factors such as location, time of day, and demand. Earnings are deposited into the driver’s account and can be withdrawn regularly.
  8. Vehicle Requirements: To participate in Amazon Flex, drivers must have their own vehicle, which can be a car, van, or even a bicycle, depending on the delivery type. The vehicle should meet certain requirements outlined by Amazon.
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Why Cancel An Amazon Flex Block?

There are several reasons why someone might consider cancelling an Amazon Flex block. While participating in Amazon Flex offers flexibility and income opportunities, circumstances may arise that make it necessary or preferable for a driver to cancel a scheduled block. Here are some common reasons why a Flex driver might consider cancelling:

  1. Schedule Conflicts:
    • Unforeseen Commitments: Unexpected personal or professional commitments may arise, such as a family emergency, medical appointment, or work obligation, making it challenging to fulfil a scheduled Flex block.
  2. Health or well-being:
    • Physical Strain: The nature of the job involves physical activities, including lifting and carrying packages. If a driver is feeling unwell or experiences physical strain, they may decide to cancel a block to prioritize their health.
  3. Inclement Weather:
    • Safety Concerns: Inclement weather conditions, such as heavy rain, snow, or storms, can impact road safety and delivery conditions. Drivers may choose to cancel a block to ensure their safety and the safety of the packages.
  4. Workload and fatigue:
    • Overwhelming Workload: Some drivers may find the workload during a particular block overwhelming, especially if there is a high volume of packages to deliver within a short time frame. Fatigue and stress may lead a driver to cancel a block.
  5. Emergencies:
    • Vehicle Issues: In the event of unexpected vehicle breakdowns or malfunctions, a driver may be unable to complete a block. This can include issues such as a flat tire, engine trouble, or other mechanical problems.
  6. Unexpected Events:
    • Personal Emergencies: Unforeseen personal emergencies, such as a family crisis or sudden illness, may require a driver to cancel a block at short notice.
  7. Adjustment of Plans:
    • Change in Availability: A driver’s availability may change due to personal circumstances, leading them to reevaluate and adjust their commitment to scheduled Flex blocks.
  8. Overlapping Commitments:
    • Double-Booked: Sometimes, drivers may accidentally double-book themselves for multiple commitments during the same block, realizing later that they are unable to fulfil all their obligations.

Methods On How to Cancel Amazon Flex Block

Cancelling an Amazon Flex block is a straightforward process when done through the Amazon Flex app. Here are the steps to cancel an Amazon Flex block:

Open the Amazon Flex App

Launch the Amazon Flex app on your mobile device. Ensure that you are logged in to your Amazon Flex account.

Navigate to Scheduled Blocks

Within the app, find and select the “Scheduled Blocks” section. This will display a list of the upcoming blocks you have scheduled.

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Select the Block to Cancel

Identify the specific block you want to cancel from the list. Tap on that block to open its details.

Initiate Cancellation

Look for an option within the block details that allows you to cancel or release the block. This option is typically labeled “Cancel” or “Release.”

Confirm Cancellation

The app will likely prompt you to confirm your decision. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm that you want to cancel the selected block.

Provide a Reason (Optional)

Some apps may ask for a reason for the cancellation. If prompted, select or provide a reason from the available options. This step is often optional, but providing a reason can be helpful for record-keeping.

Review Cancellation Terms

Take a moment to review any terms or conditions associated with cancelling a block. This may include information about penalties or restrictions related to frequent cancellations.

Confirm and Complete

After confirming your cancellation, the app should provide a confirmation message. Ensure that you receive confirmation and that the canceled block no longer appears in your scheduled blocks.

Customer Care Details

Amazon Flex Block is a company that puts customer satisfaction as its top priority; therefore, it provides prompt answers to any questions they may get from customers. There is an option for a live chat on their site where you can post your messages or queries, and a representative from their team will respond to you with a prompt response.

If you encounter difficulties or have specific questions regarding the cancellation process, Amazon Flex provides customer support to assist you. Here are the customer care details:

These details are subject to change, so it’s advisable to check the official Amazon Flex website or app for the most up-to-date information.

FAQs On How to Cancel Amazon Flex Block

Can I cancel an Amazon Flex block at any time?

In general, yes. However, it’s advisable to cancel well in advance to avoid potential penalties and to allow Amazon to adjust its scheduling.

Are there penalties for cancelling Amazon Flex blocks?

Frequent last-minute cancellations may impact your standing within the Amazon Flex program. There might be penalties or restrictions associated with excessive cancellations.

Can I provide a reason for cancelling a block?

Some apps may offer the option to provide a reason for cancelling. While this is often optional, it can be useful for record-keeping.

How do I initiate the cancellation of an Amazon Flex block in the app?

Navigate to the “Scheduled Blocks” section, select the specific block you want to cancel, and look for an option labelled “Cancel” or “Release.” Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the cancellation.

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Can I cancel a block due to unforeseen circumstances, such as a family emergency?

Yes, Amazon understands that unforeseen circumstances may arise. It’s recommended to contact Amazon Flex support and provide details about the situation.

What happens if I frequently cancel Amazon Flex blocks?

Frequent last-minute cancellations may affect your eligibility for certain opportunities and your overall standing within the Amazon Flex program.

Conclusion On How to Cancel Amazon Flex Block

Understanding how to cancel an Amazon Flex block is crucial for drivers seeking flexibility and control over their schedules. While participating in the Amazon Flex program offers opportunities for independent contractors to earn income through package deliveries, there are situations where cancelling a block becomes necessary or preferable.

Whether due to unforeseen personal commitments, health considerations, or unexpected emergencies, drivers have the flexibility to adjust their schedules by cancelling blocks through the Amazon Flex app. It’s important to initiate cancellations well in advance to avoid penalties and allow for smooth adjustments in Amazon’s scheduling system.

The process of cancelling an Amazon Flex block is user-friendly, involving a few simple steps within the app. Drivers can select the scheduled block, initiate the cancellation, and confirm their decision. Providing a reason for the cancellation is often optional but can be helpful for record-keeping purposes.

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