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How To Copy Stockers From Whatsapp To iMessage 

Here in this tutorial are detailed tutorial on How To Copy Stockers From Whatsapp To iMessage. 

In this post, we will discuss about how to copy stickers form WhatsApp to iMessage.

Acquiring WhatsApp Stickers is hard, and one might require to go through hundreds if WhatsApp conversions to get as many stickers.

And after this process, you now have an amazing sticker portfolio, but you now want to move from WhatsApp to iMesaage, in such situation, it seems to be an impossible feat.

Though there be no exact wahh to achieve that, but there are workarounds. And so using WhatsApp sticker on iMesaage is possible.

How to Copy Stickers from WhatsApp to iMessa

How to Copy Stickers from WhatsApp to iMessage

There are various means to convert your WhatsApp stickers to JPEG or PNG images. Though, WhatsApp doesn’t provide a straightforward method, so we’ll have to make do with workarounds.

Here are details on how you can copy stickers from WhatsApp to iMessage.

  • First create a group, and after creating it, proceed by removing everyone you added to it immediately (make sure it’s one of your friends). This will create an avenue where tou can send message to your friend, as it us difficult to send message to yourself on WhatsApp.
  • Then send all of your WhatsApp stickers to the group you created( your lone member group)
  • After that, Tap on the group’s name to bring up the options, then scroll to the bottom and choose “Export Chat.”
  • Choose to export with media if prompted and select either ” Cloud” or your “email” as your export destination.
  • This process can take a while, depending on the number of the stickers.
  • Once it’s all done, go to your computer (Mac or PC) and navigate to the backup location. And download all the stickers to the computer.
  • With all of your stickers probably in your Downloads folder, you can proceed with the conversion by rewriting the filenames of all the stickers from the default WEBP to PNG.
  • Obviously, that could take a long time, to make it faster tou can make use of the default command line on windows and Mac.
  • Now that all of your stickers are in the PNG file extension, you can continue with the second step, which involves creating the stickers from the images.

Create The Stickers From The Images

While you have your WhatsApp stored as PNG/JPEG images on your computer, you can then copy them back to your iPhone.

  • After doing that, here are the steps required to create iMessage stickers using the PNG/JPEG images generated from your WhatsApp stickers.
  • Open iMessage and click on the compose icon in a conversation to load up your keyboard.
  • Then click on the App Store on above the keyboard to open the App Store for iMessage-related extensions.
  • Type in the word”Twleve Studio LLC” at the search bar at the top of the interface. You’ll only have one app listed for this app developer, and the app is Sticker Maker Pro. As its name already hints, it’s an app that lets you make stickers for iMessage.
  • Install Sticker Maker Pro as an add-on for your iMessage and open it after complete installation.
  • The Sticker Maker Pro interface will unlock inside of iMessage in your keyboard area. Here, you can click the “+” icon at the top left corner to begin creating a new sticker for iMessage.
  • On the next page, appoint a size for your sticker. You can select small, medium, or large, to create small, medium, and large stickers. Choose the one you prefer and tap next to continue making the sticker.
  • Sticker Maker Pro will prompt you to choose an image for your sticker from the gallery.
  • And now, go to the folder where the WhatsApp sticker images are and choose the one to create your first sticker.
  • One can make some adjustments to develop the final sticker image, but the rest of the steps should be just easy and self-explanatory from here on out.
  • You can repeat this prove for each image from your WhatsApp stickers to recreate all of your WhatsApp stickers on iMessage.

Conclusion on How To Copy Stockers From Whatsapp To iMessage

While this process may seem hard and slow, it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to create all the stickers all at once. You can just create a sticker whenever you need to use it, and you’ll never need to recreate it because it’s already there with time, you’d be all done with everything.

So make sure to carefully read through the post to find get acquainted with the necessary information.

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