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How To Hide Files On Calculator App

Here is a tutorial on How To Hide Files On the Calculator App with ease.

These fake calculators disguised as real calculators are mainly called calculator vault apps. These apps are specially made to resemble a regular calculator app on the surface, while their purpose is entirely different.

And in recent years, many have adopted this app, using them to hide sensitive files. But not everyone knows how to operate it.

So in this post, we will discuss thoroughly the calculator, how these apps work, how to hide files on the app, their features and so many more. Stay tuned to find out more information concerning this kind of app.Fake calculator apps, hide files, hide photo, hide video, vault, phone security , what is fake calculator app, what is fale calculator used for, how to hide files on calculator app, ho’s to hide files on the calculator app on iPhone, how to give Duke’s on the calculator app on android

What Is Fake Calculator App

Fake Calculator is a smartphone program for Android and iPhone, that is created to protect or cover conceal files, movies, and photos on a smartphone.

This app converts programs made to appear like regular calculator apps on a smartphone while concealing their true use.

A look at the app isn’t enough to be able to tell the difference between a legitimate calculator app and a phoney calculator app. It is even more difficult to distinguish between a real and a fake calculator because the majority of phoney calculator apps carry out some common calculations.

Fake calculator software is mostly used to cover up text messages, pictures, videos, and other media. The fake calculator app is the ideal spot to hide any compromising files or naked images that may exist. Nobody would ever suspect that a calculator program would conceal files and photographs.

What is Fake Calculator Used For?

“Fake calculator? What’s that?” This is what one without knowing about it would say, seeing he isn’t aware of its usefulness. Here we will make clear why people use the fake calculator.

Seeing that these apps are used mostly by teenagers, most parents now routinely keep an eye on their children’s internet activity to assist them to stay safe as we live in a more connected society.

As a logical outcome, some kids might feel like their privacy is being disregarded and turn to calculator vault apps as a place to store the pictures and files that they don’t want their parents, friends, or siblings to see.

Yes, teens make the most number of users, but adults also might use them to easily hide photos from their camera roll that they don’t want others to see, for example.

While in concept this sounds innocent (everyone values their privacy), many of the photographs shared to calculating vault applications contain explicit sexual files.

How To Hide Files On The Calculator Ap

Here are step-by-step guides on how to hide files on the calculator app.

Hide files on the calculator app on Android:

As stated earlier in the post, the app functions as a photo vault to store protected/secret files, which can only be accessed inside the app.

To hide files on the calculator app on Android, follow the steps below:

  • Lunch the calculator app
  • And then enter the code/passcode and it ends with a percentage sign(%).
  • Then choose the plus button “+”, and create a new folder on the app.

run calculator lock on Android - 1

  • Now input the name of the folder.
  • Then import the files (photos, videos, apps) to the created folder.

run calculator lock on Android - 2

  • And finally, the files added to the folder will be hidden from the phone’s gallery with a calculator lock.

run calculator lock on Android - 3

Hide Files On the Calculator App on iPhone

For those using IOS, yall can also enjoy the fake calculator app.

To hold files such as apps, photos and videos on your iPhone, follow the steps below:


  • Download the fake calculator app on the app store
  • Input the Catxhy and then the secret passcode. Make sure to enter the passcode you can easily remember but hard for others to discover.
  • Import the files, photos, videos, and contacts that tonight want to keep a secret.
  • And finally, all the files are licked in the photo vault masked by the calculator.

run calculator lock on iPhone

Is Fake Calculator Safe?

This answer to this question is subjective, but to answer based on what it’s mostly known for, NO it isn’t. While some of the apps help you store photos and files secretly, many apps can try to steal your information. Especially the ones from unauthorised sources, which can have viruses.

The problem with fake calculator apps is their usage. As stated earlier, it is mostly known to be used by teens, to hide nudes and secret photo albums. And this isn’t safe at all.

These apps are hard to judge, considering every detail attached to them. And actually, some of these apps are safe while some are harmful.

Also, children should be educated to never install apps from unauthorised sources. This will fuel healthy digital habit amount teens and also help detect a fake calculators.


How To Unlock Secret Calculator App

As I mentioned earlier, the calculator vault app enables you to hide a variety of items from prying eyes and assailants, including photos, movies, documents, programs, and much more. The program also provides the easiest way to recover a forgotten password, which is the most reliable way to hack any calculator vault app and access all the confidential data.

  • To start the fake calculator, use the victim’s phone.
  • Put in 11223344 now, then hit equally.

Note: specific calculator vault apps, particularly the more complex ones, do not support 11223344. But, do not be unsure to try the one below if the one above didn’t work for you.

  • Open settings on the victim’s phone first.
  • Locate the calculator vault app in the app management.
  • Open the app right now, then clear the data.

Open the calculator vault app from the menu after completing the aforementioned steps. When it launches, it will appear to be a brand-new app. Most of the time, you’d be able to see every hidden file on the program.

Names Of Some Fake Calculator Apps

Below are some of the fake calculator apps in the market right now:

  • Secret Photo Vault – SPV
  • Secret Calculator Vault
  • Calculator# Lock
  • Calculator Vault
  • 1Locker

Conclusion on How To Hide Files On the Calculator App

You can always find a solution to this problem if you want to hide your images, videos, and other data on your Android, or iPhone with a calculator lock.

Suppose you aren’t clear on some things you can always reach out to those that are more familiar with the apps.

Make sure to carefully follow through with the details in the post to come out with the desired result.

Be sure to share this post with friends and family.

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