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How To Turn Off JavaScript Tor

This article is relevant information on How To Turn Off JavaScript Tor.

And suppose you are inquisitive or wondering how or which way one can turn off Javascript, well you are in the right place.

Tor browser has been experiencing rapid growth these days, and its popularity has only experienced an upward trend. It was originally developed by the US Naval Research Lab in the 1990s. And it was created to allow government officials to communicate anonymously and securely.

But nowadays, most people tend to use the Tor browser mainly because it gives them the freedom to keep their privacy and anonymity on the internet.

Though it is secure and helps to hide one’s identity, it was later found that the earlier versions of the Tor browser are vulnerable to javascript attacks.

Javascript gallows backdoor access, providing a person’s session details to markers/attackers attempting to track a person. This haven these circumstances, people are worried that the so-called ‘ anonymity’ of the Tor browser is at risk.

But most Tor browser users don’t turn off javascript. However, onion sites, I.e, websites on Tor may manipulate weakness by using javascript, so it is always advised to disable it. Last, a weakness allowed the websites on Tor to see the real IP address of Tor users.

So in this post, we will discuss in detail, How to turn off javascript Tors. Be sure to carefully follow through with the guidelines provided in the article to come out with the desired result.

What Is Tor?

Many might know Tor for what it is commonly said to be. But what is Tor?

Tor is a short form/name for the Onion Promoting project. Tor is an open-source privacy network that allows unidentified web browsing. Tor uses secure, encrypted procedures to guarantee that users’ online privacy is concerned.

Tor users’ digital data and communications are shielded using a layered approach that resembles the nested layers of an onion.

And as said earlier in the post, the Tor technology was initially developed and exclusively used by the U.S. Navy to protect susceptible government communications.

The network was later made available to the public as an open-source platform, meaning that Tor’s source code is available to everyone.

Uses Of Tor

Tor are used for different things by different people. Below are some of the uses of Tor.

  • Government agencies: Tor can protect and securely share sensitive government information.
  • For-profit enterprises: Tor is also used by companies, they benefit from increased data privacy and security.
  • Illicit organizations: Criminals sometimes use Tor to shield their online activity.
  • Private individuals: Tor can be used by anyone wishing for more online privacy and better cybersecurity can benefit from the Tor browser.

Why is it important to disable JavaScript?

It is very crucial that as a Tor user, you disable JavaScript in Tor for several security reasons and the main reason is that the earlier versions and vulnerable to JavaScript attacks because JavaScript provides a backdoor to the attacker. And this give the attacker the access to track the user using the user’s session details.

How To Turn Off JavaScript Tor

There are different methods by which one can turn off javascript tor. And below are some of the effective ways one can turn off javascript tor.

– Turn off javascript by Editing the about:config settings

Below are the steps on how to turn off javascript tor by editing the about:config settings:

  • Search by typing in “about:config” in the Tor browser.
  • The second step  is to click on the “Accept the risk and continue” button.


  • The third step is to type in “javascript.enabled” in the search bar

  • Then finally double click on “True” to change it to “False”. Thus by doing this Tor will disable JavaScript on its own.

This particular method is actually the easiest of all, mainly because it doesn’t require any complicated steps, so it should be easy for a armature to do this  by following the steps.

– Turn off javascript tor in Tor settings

The following are detailed steps on jhow to turn off javascript tor in tor settings:

  • Firstly you open the Tor settings menu are the right corner of the browser
  • Then select “Preferences”
  • Secondly, You click on “privacy and security”
  • You are to scroll all the way down to find the security level settings).
  • And lastly, you are to select “Safest” to turn off javascript on all sites

security safest tor

– Turn off javascrip tor by using the javascript switcher addon

This method is best for anyone who in some occasions need to leave javascript switched on. With the addon, one can turn of js by toggling javascript on and off with one click, So below are detail steps on how to go about it:

  • First, install JavaScript Switcher
  • After installing, you click on “Add to Firefox”


  • Then you will see a small “JS” button on the very right corner of the URL. When it is greyed out then JavaScript is disabled, but when it shows a green color, its is enabled.
  • To switch between the two states you just have to click on this button.

Conclusion on How To Turnoff JavaScript Tor

In conclusion, It is important to note that before you run the Tor browser, you should change your original IP address using a VPN like; nord vpn, express vpn, etc, to prevent potential vulnerabilities on Tor.

And makes sure to follow through with the steps provided above in the post, and by doing that even a novice/ a computer illiterates can execute such task and come out with the right results.

make sure you pay attention to the details in the post so as to get acquainted with the necessary information.

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