On your device, click Find Me. You can immediately lock your lost watch by putting it in Lost Mode if Find I is enabled on your Apple Watch. You can do this on your iPhone or iPad using the Find My app or online at https://www.icloud.com on your computer.

  • Your data is safe when your Apple Watch is in Lost Mode. If someone discovers and charges your Apple Watch, they will be unable to pair it with another phone without knowing your passcode.
  • Your phone number will appear on the Apple Watch screen once it has been charged by the person who finds it. The finder can then get in touch with you to arrange for the return of your Apple Watch without incident.
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Enter the Apple ID that creates with your Apple Watch.

Click ok the “Device” tab at the foot of the screen. And there will appear the list of all devices connected to your iCloud.

There, you click on “Apple Watch. There it will display a name assigned to it.
  • And suppose your Apple Watch has an active cellular or Wi-Fi connection, its location will be displayed on the map. Contrarily, it will be blank.

Scroll up the view for more details. And there you will see your apple watch options. You’d see the following information:

  • Manage directions and notifications, and mark them as lost
  • Three you will see where you can ping your apple watch suppose it’s active and nearby.

“Mark as Lost” is followed by the button Activate. Your Apple Watch will be locked and placed in Lost Mode as a result.

  • Details about Lost Mode will appear on a new page.
  • If the watch is capable of receiving messages, you can leave a message that will be seen by the person who finds it and displayed on the watch’s face.
    To view the message displayed, the finder must charge and turn on the Apple Watch.
  • Continue to the bottom and press Continue.
  • Input your phone number. Doing this will allow you to contact if someone finds the watch.
  • Click ok the “Next” tab
  • Send a message in. When someone finds it, this message will appear on the etch.

Turn on Lost Mode. Your information will need to be verified.

  • Make sure Notify When Found is turned on so that a notification will be sent when your watch is turned back on.
  • Once your information has been verified, click Activate.
  • Now your Apple Watch is secured. It will show the finder your personalized message and phone number when it is powered on once more.
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Conclusion on How To Find Apple Watch With iPhone

How To Find Apple Watch With iPhone

In conclusion, losing one’s device using fun, especially when it is small, just like the apple watch.

And the situation isn’t soothing when the device is switched off or without power. But in cases where the watch is switched on, it’s more suitable and easier.

While you are researching the best effective way to locate your watch with your iPhone, follow through with the details in the information above.

Make sure to carefully follow through with the details in the post to come out with the desired result.

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