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How To Fix Fortnite Easy Anti-Cheat Error

Fortnite is an amazing game, and some errors could occur in the game. An error such as an ‘easy anti-cheat error’ is a dilemma players face.

And in this post are necessary details on How To Fix Fortnite Easy Anti-Cheat Error.

Easy Anti-Cheat is an anti-cheat service that prevents players or hackers in multiplayer games from hacking or cheating by any means.

And suppose you are getting an Unlmowm Fole Version Error on your Fortnite game, this is due to the Anti-Cheat Error.

Meanwhile, there has been a steady trend of complaints of this particular error while in the gameplay or the lobby as well. According to the reports, the Easy Anti-Cheat application shows Game 217 instead of Fortnite. The problem leads to the game crashing at launch issue.

So, there is a specific reason that the Epic Games Easy Anti-Cheat service is either not working or there are some missing files.

And suppose you have had an encounter with such wreorz don’t worry. In this post, will discuss the best and most effective ways to fix rhe Easy Anti-Cheat Error ok Fortnite.

Proceed into the post to find out more information.


Fortnite is unarguably one of the most popular battle royale games that are currently available.

Fortnite is a third-person shooter survival game where the player has to survive against up to 99 other players. The overall player count for each battle royale is 100. The player can build forts by collecting materials such as metal, bricks, and wood, and collect weapons before fighting other players.

And as awesome as this game is, there has been a recent complaint from many Fortnite players, having reported an issue of anti-cheat error, however, based on the fact that Fortnite is one of the popular games so this issue could not be overlooked. Therefore, the professionals/experts have come up with such astounding ideas by which you can solve the issue easily.

What Causes The Fortnite Easy Anti-Cheat Error

There are numerous reasons for such an error on fortnite, and why you might be innocently affected by the anti-cheat error on Fortnite that’d suddenly crash the game.

The problem may be as simple as failing to run Easy Anti-Cheat in the background, so make sure that you haven’t uninstalled, or disabled it.

Some other probable reasons for the error could be a corrupted installation, launching from an unofficial shortcut, other programs interfering with Easy Anti-Cheat, and antivirus falsely blocking it.

How To Fix Fortnite Easy Anti-Cheat Error

Install the latest patch

Fortnite releases regular game patches to fix bugs. And it is possible that a recent patch has caused the Easy Anti-Cheat Error 217 at lunch, and the solution to fixing it is just to install rhe new patch.

You can check for updates of your game in Stwam or from Fortnite’s official website. And suppose there’s a new update, install rhe latest patch and run Fortnige to see if ur solves the problem.

Check For Windows updates

Well, sometimes the error is due to an outdated version of windows OS on the PC. So it is advised to install the latest Windows update in the case in case you’ve missed out on major improvements.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  • Press the windows button and then Input “windows update” in the Start menu search box and select Windows Update settings from the list of results.
  • Then click on Check for updates.
  • Suppose there are rarely updates available, then click to download and install them on your computer.

Install the latest Windows update

  • After the installation is complete, restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Close unnecessary programs

This is one of the most underrated things amounts factors that cause such errors. Sole gamers just tend to open programs and expect the game to play without any issues.

Not knowing that some programs on the computer may interfere with Fortnite or Easy Anti-Cheat. So it is important to make sure to close all other programs not related to windows.

And to fix such an issue, follow the steps below:

  • First press Ctrl-Shift-Esc, this will open the ‘Task Manager
  • After that, check to see if you are running any programs in rhe background
  • If there are any, close and exit all the apps and downloads that might be slowing down the performance of your PC.

It is necessary to note to be cautious with these steps, Avoid closing any program that you have any knowledge of or are not familiar with. It may be important for the functioning of the computer

Temporarily Uninstall Your Antivirus

And in some cases, the error may be related to your antivirus software being corrupted and falsely blocking Easy Anti-Cheat.

So you can solve the problem by uninstalling your antivirus temporarily to verify that the game launches without it. If the game otherwise starts and you don’t encounter the Anti-Cheat Error 217, proceed to add its installation folder to the exception list. Instructions on how to do so can usually be found in the antivirus documentation or the developer’s website.

Reinstall Easy Anti-Cheat

The Easy Anti-Cheat error can also be caused by a corrupted Easy Anti-Cheat installation. So try to uninstall and then install it again to see if it helps.

And since rhe Easy Anti-Xbeat service comes preloaded ok Gortnite to play over Epic Games Launcher, it is will be quite an easy task to reinstall it.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Navigate to the Easy Anti-Cheat folder location on your PC ( it will be like C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic) ( And you can get the file by going through these folders: Games\Launcher\Engine\Binaries\Win64).
  • Now, launch the EasyAntiCheat.exe file and uninstall it.
  • Once done, restart the computer and run the Epic Games launcher.
  • Launch the Fortnite game and the Easy Anti-Cheat service will be added automatically.

Confirm The Integrity Of the Game Files

Confirming the integrity of the game files, help you to very verify whether or not the game files are corrupted or missing. And in such cases, fortnite will tend to crash or have some sort of error, suppose the files are either corrupted or missing

Here is how to verify the integrity of the game files:

  • Lunch the Epic Games Launcher on the PC.
  • Then click on Fortnite to unfold the Fortnite game page.
  • Here you will see a Settings icon (gear) next to the Launch button.
  • You can then click on Verify.
  • It will start verifying the game files of your Fortnite game. If there is any issue, it will automatically fix that.
  • Once done, you will be able to launch your Fortnite easily.

Conclusion On How To Fix Fortnite Easy Anti-Cheat Error

In conclusion, it is clear now to everyone what it means to have an ‘Easy Anti-Cheat Error’ and also its causes, combined with an easy and effective solution to such a problem.

And suppose you are facing such an issue, make sure to pay full attention to the steps and guidelines in this article, and with that, you’d be able to solve the problem of crashes easily.

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