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How To Fix Overwatch Microphone Not Working 

Having issues with your overwatch microphone not working? This article is solely about Overwatch Microphone, what causes it not to work and the solution to the problem.

Overwatch is a game that is solely a team-based FPS multiplayer game developed by Blizzard. Since its release in 2016, Overwarch has experienced an increase in popularity and has quickly become one of the best and most popular games today.

And as a team-based FPS multiplayer game, there are common standards that it needs to meet. Standard such as communication. Communication is an essential and effective part of the game.

Nonetheless, players face microphone problems, and due to this they are unable to communicate properly with their team, lead to a mediocre and not a ‘not so fun game experience.

Microphones can be fiddly at the best of times and sifting through your computer’s settings can be a pain. But periodically you have to fix the issue.

And professionals have come together to deliberate on how to solve the problem. And they have come up with solutions to counteract the amount of frustration thrown your way.

It’s entirely fair to let Blizzard understand they’ve made a mistake, but it is up to the user to fix the issue.


Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. The game was released in 2016 for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

In Overwatch, players select from a roster of over 30 unique heroes, each with their own unique abilities and play styles. The heroes are divided into three categories: offense, defense, and support.

Players must work together as a team to complete various objectives, such as capturing control points, escorting payloads, and defending key locations.

Overwatch features a bright, cartoonish art style, which makes it accessible to players of all ages. The game’s characters are diverse and have a distinct personality, which contributes to the game’s popularity.

Players can customize their hero’s appearance with cosmetic skins and emotes, adding an extra layer of personalization.

The game’s modes include Quick Play, which is designed for casual players, and Competitive Play, which offers a more intense and challenging experience.

Overwatch also has a rich and extensive lore, with comic books, short films, and other media released by Blizzard to flesh out the game’s world.

One of the unique aspects of Overwatch is its use of Ultimate abilities. Ultimate abilities are special abilities that can be activated by each hero once they have built up a sufficient amount of charge. These abilities can turn the tide of a battle and can be the key to victory.

Overwatch is a very popular game and has a large and dedicated fan base. The game has a thriving competitive scene, with various leagues and tournaments taking place all over the world.

The game also has a large following in the cosplay community, with many fans dressing up as their favorite characters at conventions and events.

Overwatch is a well-designed and highly entertaining game that appeals to players of all ages and skill levels. The game’s diverse roster of heroes, engaging gameplay, and extensive lore make it a standout game in the crowded first-person shooter genre.

Causes Of Overwatch Microphone Not Working

The microphone problem is a very common issue among FPS players, and Overwatch is no exception. Fortunately, it isn’t a hard thing to fix, once you know what exactly is wrong with the microphone.

  • Beginning with the most striking reason, there are going to be difficulties if the mic is damaged or broken.
  • Particular microphone privacy settings can also result in issues with the mic for different apps.
  • Other reasons include unadjusted in-game audio settings, outdated audio drivers, and improper ‘Default Device’ settings.

How To Fix Overwatch Microphone Not Working

Overwatch is a popular online multiplayer game that requires communication between players to succeed. However, some players might encounter issues with their microphone not working in-game. In this article, we will discuss several methods to fix the Overwatch microphone not working problem.

Check your microphone settings: Make sure your microphone is enabled and set as the default recording device in Windows. Go to the Control Panel, select Sound, and then click on the Recording tab. Right-click on your microphone, select Properties, and then click on the Levels tab. Make sure the microphone is not on mute and that the volume level is set to an appropriate level.

Update your drivers: Outdated or incorrect drivers can cause problems with your microphone. Go to the manufacturer’s website and download the latest drivers for your microphone.

Disable exclusive mode: Some microphones may not work in Overwatch if they are in exclusive mode, which is a setting that prevents other programs from accessing the microphone. To disable exclusive mode, right-click on the speaker icon in the Windows taskbar, select Recording Devices, right-click on your microphone, and select Properties. Go to the Advanced tab and uncheck the box that says “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device.”

Restart the game and your computer: Restarting the game and your computer can often resolve issues with the microphone not working in Overwatch.

Clear the cache: Clearing the cache can sometimes resolve issues with Overwatch’s microphone. To clear the cache, go to the Options menu in the game, select the button that says “Reset to Default,” and then restart the game.

Verify the game files: Overwatch may have some missing or corrupt files that are causing the microphone to not work. To verify the game files, go to the game library in the Battle.net app, right-click on Overwatch, select Properties, and then click on the “Scan and Repair” button.

Contact Blizzard support: If none of the above methods work, it is recommended to contact Blizzard support for further assistance. They can provide you with more personalized and in-depth support to resolve the issue with your microphone.

Conclusion on How To Fix Overwatch Microphone Not Working

In conclusion, the Overwatch microphone not working issue can be caused by various factors, but with the above steps, you should be able to resolve the problem.

Make sure to check your microphone settings, update your drivers, disable exclusive mode, restart the game and computer, clear the cache, and verify the game files. If all else fails, contact Blizzard support for further assistance.

Make sure to follow through with the guidelines in this article to get acquainted with important information on how to fix the problem.

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