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How To Show Ping In Minecraft

In this post, we’d address relevant information concerning “How To Show Ping In Minecraft”

And suppose you are wondering which is the best effective way to show ping on Minecraft, this post beneficiary to you.

Minecraft is definitely on top of the ranking when it comes to the most popular and most played games in the world,  with 200 million copies sold, there isn’t any doubt to it is on the top.

And like most other video online games, of which Minecraft is one of them, can perform well with good hardware and network latency(ping).

And in cases where the hardware is consistent, and still experiencing issues with the game, then the length can be altered due to the network server status the computer is connected to.

Being able to see your ping in games is useful, suppose you are tweaking your hardware and/or software settings to boost connection speed or if you’re having a bad run of form and want to blame it on the technology you are using.

So in this post, We’d address relevant information concerning Ping on Minecraft and make sure to pay attention to the details in the post.

Proceeds into the post for more information about Ping on Minecraft.

Show Ping In Minecraft

Most gamers today will have probably heard of Minecraft since it’s one of the most popular games in the world right now. Released in the year 2011, it was developed and published by Mojang Studios, which was later acquired by Microsoft. Since its release, the game has become one of the best-selling video games of all time, with over 200 million copies sold across all platforms.

A game can’t have such success if it’s not equipped with sophisticated graphics and abilities, which is what helped it succeed. In Minecraft, players explore a blocky, procedurally generated 3D world and can interact with it in various ways.

The game’s core mechanics revolve around breaking and placing blocks, and it can be used to build structures, landscapes, and objects. The game also has more fun features, such as farming, fishing, and brewing, which allow players to gather resources and create food and potions. Additionally, the game has a day-night cycle, and players must protect themselves from monsters that spawn at night.

It can be concluded that Minecraft has the largest and most active community, with many players creating and sharing mods, custom skins, and maps. The game’s popularity has led to the creation of various spin-off games, such as Minecraft: Dungeons and Minecraft Earth, as well as merchandise and merchandise-themed events.

Additionally, Minecraft is a distinct and fun game that has captured the hearts of millions of players worldwide. Its creative, sandbox-style gameplay and active community have made it a staple in the video game industry, and it remains one of the most popular games today.

What Is Ping?

Suppose there has always been an occurrence where Aku sees the term ‘throw around’ in multiplayer games such as Fortnite and never comprehended what it meant, then you need to pay attention to this section of the article.

Ping can be simply described as a feature on the game that measures the latency speed between the game and the server that the game is being played on, with higher numbers implying a worse connection.

Ping is measured in milliseconds, so a ping of 40 would imply that there is a 40 milliseconds delay between the player and the server.

Though improving one’s internet speed can assist the pin to a certain extent, it is mostly determined by the physical distance from the server that the player Is playing on.

This is why it is always advised to play on servers that are closer to you because some players tend to play on servers outside their geographical region, and by doing this they get a higher ping value as the data has to travel longer distances.

A favourable ping value can be found somewhere between zero to 50, and the lower the values the better it is.

How To Show Ping In Minecraft

Using Command Prompt ( CMD Command)

  • Utilizing a Cmd command to check the ping in Minecraft comprises 4 points as follows:
  • Begin by pressing the Window + X key simultaneously to open the Windows menu.

Step 1

  • Then, click on the ‘Run’ selection

Step 2

  • Then type in “cmd” and Press enter.

Step 3

  • As soon as the cmd window opens, you input “ping + IP address”, then press enter

To see the ping in Minecraft, you are to type in “ping Minecraft server”.

For instance, “ping pvp.thearchon.net” for the game The Archon 1.8.

Then find your gaming server and take the cmd command

Ping results from cmd

From the Jpeg above, it is clear that the ping result is returned including the number of lost, sent and received packets. And besides, the minimum, maximum and average ping is displayed.

While it isn’t an accurate indicator of the latency at any specific time while connected, it is a very well indicator of what should be expected.


What Causes High Ping On Minecraft

Suppose you facing an issue of lag while playing games, take a look at the following possible reasons:

  • Unstable connection
  • Problem with the server network of the game(Minecraft)
  • Firewalls’ configuration
  • Too many devices are connected to the network(wifi)
  • An outdated router or computer

Hardware Requirements For Minecraft

The approved system requirements embody the optimal setting in which you need to run the program. And here are the system requirements for Minecraft:

  • Operating System – 64-bit Windows 10 version 14393.0 or greater & Xbox One.
  • CPU – Intel i7-6500U / AMD A8-6600K
  • GPU – NVIDIA GeForce 940M / AMD Radeon HD 8570D
  • HDD – 4 GB (SSD recommended) accessible space.
  • Memory – 8 GB RAM.
  • Network-Broadband Internet connection for downloading Minecraft files before playing offline.

Conclusion on How To Show Ping In Minecraft

Now we can conclude with the details in this article, it is clear to us the method by which one can see ping on Minecraft and how to go about it.

So make sure to carefully read through the post to find get acquainted with the necessary information.

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