How To Unlock Tracfone Without Code

Are you interested in knowing how to unlock a Tracfone without the code? Well, this post will help you.


In this post, we will address relevant information concerning “How To Unlock A Tracfone Without The Code”, discussing its requirements and its offered services, etc.

Tracfone is well known for its services as a prepaid mobile service provider. Being able to enjoy the fastest networks from the US and in some parts of Mexico, Tracfones are affordable and a good way to get connected while you’re on a budget.

If you own a Tracfone device or any of the above-mentioned prepaid services carrier, you can now have your phone unlocked so you can use it on any network across the globe!


How do Tracfones Work?

A tracphone, or TracFone, is a prepaid phone that gives you the accessibility of a contract plan without the commitment. Tracfones have become much more popular in the past few months as more people are finally ending their two year contracts with their cell phone providers and switching to prepaid plans.

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Tracfones offer..

  • No Commitment

The main feature of a TracFone is that the service is entirely paid upfront and there are no contracts to deal with. Tracfones remove the unwanted commitment that many cell phone providers force on their customers and do not penalize you for not using your phone

  • Monitor Your Minutes

Like standard cell phone service providers, tracfones allow the customer to keep track of how many minutes have been used, how many are left, when the account needs to be topped up, how long each phone call was, and other important facts

  • DMFL

DMFL stands for Double Minutes For Life and is a new feature offered exclusively by TracFone. Customers have the option of purchasing a phone that is pre-installed with DMFL or purchasing a DMFL card that is applied to his/her account. When DMFL is applied to a TracFone account, the customer will always receive twice as many minutes as he/she purchases. Ironically, tracphones pre-installed with DMFL cost about the same price as the DMFL cards that are sold separately.

  • Rollover
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On top of DMFL, TracFone customers also get to take advantage of rollover. Rollover allows customers to carry all their unused minutes with them into the next month. The rollover feature is one of the main attributes that distinguishes TracFone from other prepaid cell phone companies as it is usually only provided by standard contract cell phone service providers.

  • No Hidden Fees

In addition to no contracts, TracFone is reliable in the fact that it does not present any hidden fees like many cell phone service providers do. Companies like Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile pretend that they are different but they all charge fees for early disconnection, reconnection after they cut your service off, and sometimes even for not using *enough* minutes. The only thing that TracFone customers will ever have to pay for is the initial plan.

Disadvantages of Tracfones

While tracphones are considered much better than standard contract plans, they do have a few setbacks that allow contract services to hold a competitive edge. The following paragraphs will explore these setbacks.

  • No Nights and Weekends

The first downside to tracphones is that they do not have nights and weekends like most contract plans do. Instead, the minutes that you use are deducted from your account just like any other time period. Most people do not seem to mind this but it may make a big difference if the customer uses his/her phone more during night and weekend hours.

  • Bad Customer Service

Another downside that is generally worse than no nights and weekends is TracFone’s bad customer service. Many customers find TrackFone’s customer service representatives to be incompetent, unhelpful, or just plain rude. While lack of features can be overlooked, most people find customer service to be a big deal when working with a cell phone provider. Fortunately, tracphones are very easy to use so interaction with customer service can be kept to a minimum.

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What You Need To Know Before Unlocking a Tracfone Device

Carrier locks are inconvenient to use. It’s natural that some carriers have to use locks to prevent consumers from paying only a portion of their device’s agreed plan.

However, many carriers do not remove the lock once a certain amount of time has passed. In many circumstances, you will be trapped with the same carrier long after your contract has finished

What should I do to get ready to unlock my phone?

There are two things you need do to get ready for the unlocking process:

Find your IMEI number.

Check the phone’s blacklist status.

Can A Tracfone Be Unlocked Without Code?

Yes, it can. Generally speaking, if you want to unlock your TracFone mobile phone, you will need to use the network code that you will receive from the carrier. Then, you can use this code to unlock the device when you insert a SIM card from a different carrier

How To Permanently Unlock Tracfone Devices Without Code

The first method is to directly contact TracFone to unlock your iOS device. You can find their customer support by calling 1-800-867-7183 all through the week between 8:00 am and 11:45 pm, Eastern Time (ET). When you get connected to a TracFone representative, you can request the network code that will allow you to unlock your device. The representative will use your number to check your device’s eligibility. If it meets the criteria, you will get the network code, which will be between 10 and 15 digits long.

Some of these requirements are:

  1. The device must be activated on a TracFone service for at least 12 months.
  2. The customers can request the network code only if they have an active service or within 60 days after their previous service expired.
  3. The device shouldn’t have been declared lost or stolen.
  4. The device should be in working condition.
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For the best experience with your unlocked Tracfone device, we recommend that you choose the carrier which has the best coverage in your area.

Moreover, please note that most of the world uses GSM, good to know if you want to travel outside the USA and want to use a Tracfone device.

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