The Most Secure Messaging App 2023

In this age of social media, there have been complaints of these tech giants, selling their users data, in which has gotten worse. And many tend to opt for a more secure and less risky platform where they can share information without the fear of their data being stolen either by the company or hackers.


Suppose you are fed up with the issue of your data being sold out by messaging apps/tech giants and are looking to opt for a better platform with trusted encryption and a safe place to share even delicate information such as your Social Security Number or your Credit Card info, then this post is beneficial to you.

Every individual has that private information or conversation they want to keep, whether it be an embarrassing story, social security number, credit card info, Tax invoice, etc. The last thing you’d want to happen is for someone to see or gain access to such information or have them used for the wrong things. And unless you happen to be using an encrypted messaging app, all your supposedly delicate information isn’t secured at all.

Using a secure messaging app, ensures that you conversations/data/information are kept private and safe from governments, companies and also hackers.


Here in this post, we have detailed some of the best effective platforms where you can share you important information without the fear of it being stolen. So to know and choose which suits your taste, proceed into the post.

What Are Secure Messaging Apps?

Secure messaging apps are private chat apps that uses end-to-end encryption to safeguard data across the entire platform, form the sender to the receiver. When an encrypted data is sent, they decrypted at its destination, at no point during this journey can anyone gain access to the data.

End-to-End encryption also prevents safe messaging apps from storing copies of the data on their servers. In the process of a data breach, leaked conversations will still be secured.

How to Choose a Secure Messaging App

Infact this is actually one of the most difficult things to do, considering that there are many options to choose from. But not all of them are as secure as they all claimed to be. Even with the most commonly used messaging apps in the world. All the platforms on this list offer end-to-end encryption, which means that no one has access to your delicate and secret messages, unless there is a private key to decrypt the messages.

In addition, it means that even the service provider/ the owner of the app has no access to your messages, not even abusive employees, government officials, or hackers. Nonetheless, their features and shortcomings are all distinct from each other.

The Most Secure Messaging Apps for Both Android and iPhone

Apple iMessage

Apple has been known to being one of the most popular texting apps for iPhone, for being a company that is data security centric. This platform gives users the freedom to send texts, and documents, and other files, without worrying of data theft.

The question now is that is it truly secured? Well, iMessage only encrypt information between iPhone users, and in other device it is just a normal unencrypted texting app. Though it be encrypted, there is an encryption weakness which is the iCloud backups. A report reveals six high-level exploits that enable them to utilize iMessages to invade a user’s device. And in 2021, the Pegasus spyware was said to have exploit an iMessage vulnerability. However, Apple is fast to patch vulnerabilities when they show up. The answer is that,it cant be fully trusted, but it is better than nothing.


Dust enables users to send private messages, photos, and videos (no voice or video calls) called “Dusts” to your contacts that disappear just after being read. The platform has an End-to-end encryption, no permanent storage, screenshot alerts, self-destructing messages (called Auto “Dust”)

Dust servers don’t store messages on your phone, they rather store it on the phone’s ram until the receiver accessed it. And also, messages can be cleared automatically within 24hrs, and also have the ability to erase your messages off other people’s devices.


Line is popular across most of East and Southeast Asia. Line’s eco system comprise of not only encrypted messaging but also VoIP calling, games, media portals, security tools, etc. However, it has a security risk which are, Incomplete encryption, encryption weaknesses.


Signal has been rumored to be one of the most secure messaging apps there is by security experts and government organization worldwide. Signal provides users with end-to-end encryption via its protocol: the gold standard of mobile encryption. There is no doubt to the statement of Signal being one of the best iPhone security apps.

And, unlike several other messaging apps, Signal only stores the metadata needed for the app to function, such as phone number, random keys, and profile information. Its only security risks are links to phone number.

As arguably the most secure messaging app, Signal possess virtually no security weakness, though the users account is linked to their phone number. As long as the app’s developers keeps on fixing the spotted weakness quickly, Signal will stay at the top of the messaging apps food chain.


Telegram is one of biggest communication platform there is, with over 500 million monthly users, Telegram has steadily grown since it was first released in 2013. It’s recognized for its distinct group chat feature that can house up to 100,000 members.

Russia banned Telegram after the company has refused to hand over its encryption keys. Its security features include End-to-end encryption, passcode lock, open-source code, two-step verification (2FA), self-destructing messages, remote logout, account self-destruct.

The company also has security risks which are: Encryption off by default, proprietary encryption technology, chat data logging.

Which Is the Most Secured Messaging App?

According to popular comments on this matter, many tend to award Signal as the most secured messaging app. With its open-source signal protocol, which is the industry standard for end-to-end message and voice encryption.

And the second one to consider is Telegram. Telegram dedication to privacy means it doesn’t collect any of your personal info like your phone number or email address, not even on its website via browser cookies.

Conclusion on The Most Secure Messaging App 2023

In summary, now, we’ve come to the end of the guide, it can be concluded that it is safer to Signak as your default texing app, than you popular app for safe trasmission of information.

But in all, it all boils down to one’s preference, as for those who will like to use whatsapp or facebook to transmit such information, make sure to follow the tips on how to safely do that and the best possible platform for such.

And make sure to attend the to details in the post, to get acquainted with important information.

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