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Work From Home Tracking Softwares 

This article will educate you on some of the available Work From Home Tracking Software.

These days, more people are working from home, and there are more remote workers these days after the covid-19.

And now working from home is becoming more popular, and the demand for work-from-home tracking software has skyrocketed.

Managers/Employers around the world are all researching the best way to keep track of their worker’s activity and productivity.

And in this post, we will discuss the best work-from-home monitoring software tools to help monitor employees working from home.

Types Of Work From Home Tracking Software

Here are the different types of work-from-home monitoring software:

Time trackers: This software is made to keep track of an employee’s time. In this software, employees can stop and start a but in timer when they being and end their task, and it can also be automated.

Administrators may keep track of broad trends and categorize and arrange tasks inside the platform. These tools for employee monitoring help provide a broad picture of how much time an employee spends using different applications or engaging in different activities.

But, they offer managers little information on how that time is used inside each category.

Activity trackers: Activity tracker is a tracking software, and it gives more detailed information about how workers are using their time in each activity. 

For instance, they may take normal screenshots of the employee’s screen, or track which websites or apps they visit and open. Email tracking is also contained in this category.

Project management: Platforms for project management are created to assist managers in organizing data for both high-level projects and simple jobs. They usually include features that focus on completing tasks quickly, such as task tracking, staff communication, and others.

The majority of the work-from-home monitoring programs we’ll discuss in the next part make an effort to combine these aspects.

For instance, many project management applications include time trackers by default. Due to this, many of the tools mentioned below might potentially fit into more than one area; nevertheless, for the sake of organization and to make it easier for you to discover the appropriate tool for your needs, I’ve placed them below in the dominating category.

Work From Home Tracking Software

Below are some of the best work-from-home tracking software:

Asena :

Asena is a type of project management monitoring software, and it’s an ideal tool for creating and assigning tasks, as well as communicating and managing preferences/priorities.

And it can be used to divide projects into tasks and subtasks, split the team into subgroups, and utilize reporting to track activity over various periods.



Trello is also a type of project management tracking tool, that enables users to collaborate on projects, organise projects and tasks, and also time.

It uses boards, cards, and boards to regulate everything on the platform, and with its amazing reporting feature, most managers would love the Trello tracking software Trello


This software enables a bossiness and a group of teams to manage projects easily. It’s an all-in-one task and management solution that helps make workflows easy and smooth.


With its web and mobile apps, the project teams can stay connected from anywhere, and collaborate to get things done.


ProofHub is a type of Activity Tracker software and is one of the best and rip-rated project management and team collaboration platforms. It offers many advanced features to simplify project management while promoting team collaboration.

Features such as Task Management, Time Tracking, Custom Fields, Scheduling Calendar and many more. Sincerely Proofhub is a great platform for teams of every skill level as well as size.


Time Doctor

There is no need for introduction when it comes to Time doctor, considering it is one of the top names in the field. With it, one can track time automatically or manually,  track things like website and app usage, and automatic reports. And it also rakes screenshots to verify if the employees are on task.

Time Doctor - work from home monitoring software


Harvest is mainly designed to function as a tracking tool, but with a very simple interface. It functions with several project management and other styles of apps in the market. And it also enables it’s her to analyze their work with intuitive reporting.

harvest - work from home monitoring software


Insightful is a new software, and it does the same function as the other software on the list. One of its feature that differs from others include tile tracking, employee monitoring, automatic time mapping, and productivity analytics.

With Insightful, one can automatically track workers’ working hours and also gain access to information on their daily productivity reports.



A free version of the employee tracking program ActivTrak allows for the monitoring of up to three individuals. With it, you’ll be able to apply content filters and other restrictions as well as track behaviours like website visits and app usage.

Even more sophisticated functions, such as USB device identification and security audits are available in the premium edition.

ActivTrak - remote work monitoring



Teramind is another option; it is a tool for monitoring employees that allows for time and activity tracking. Moreover, it provides administrators with the flexibility to establish and enforce particular regulations, such as restricting traffic to particular websites, and it may notify you of problematic user behaviours.

teramind - remote employee monitoring

Reasons To Monitor Work-From-Home Employees

Maintaining focus among workers: It should come as no surprise that workers tend to be more productive when they are aware that they are being watched. Just monitoring your remote workers will encourage them to perform to their highest potential.

Holding workers responsible: This also, serves as a means of holding workers accountable for their deeds. If someone says they didn’t have time to complete a project, you might check to see whether they were preoccupied with other chores.

Equalizing the workloads: No matter how hard you try to avoid it, most teams nonetheless have an uneven workload where some employees are overworked and stressed while others don’t have enough work to complete.

You may find the sources of imbalance and properly allocate tasks by keeping an eye on your employees.

Conclusion on Work From Home Tracking Software

According to the details above in the tutorial about Work From Home Tracking Software, it can be concluded, the task of searching for tracking softwareis ended, seeing we’ve provided loads of important info right in this article.

So make sure to carefully read through the post to find get acquainted with the necessary information.

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