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How To Cancel Fios TV Service: A Step-by-Step Guide

Verizon Fios TV is a popular choice for many households, offering a variety of television channels and on-demand content. However, there may come a time when you decide to cancel your Fios TV service due to changing preferences, cost considerations, or other reasons.

This guide will walk you through the steps to cancel your Fios TV service.

What Is Fios TV?

Fios TV is a television service provided by Verizon Communications, a major telecommunications company in the United States. It offers a wide range of TV channels, including high-definition (HD) and 4K content, as well as on-demand programming. Fios TV is part of Verizon’s Fios fibre-optic network, which delivers internet, telephone, and television services to customers.

  1. Channel Lineup: Fios TV offers various packages with different channel lineups to cater to the preferences and interests of its customers. These packages can include local, national, and international channels, as well as premium channels like HBO, Showtime, and more.
  2. On-Demand Content: Fios TV provides a vast library of on-demand content, allowing viewers to watch movies, TV shows, and other programming whenever they want.
  3. DVR (Digital Video Recorder): Customers can opt for a DVR service, which enables them to record and store TV shows and movies for later viewing. This feature allows for time shifting and convenient playback of favourite programs.
  4. Interactive TV: Fios TV often includes interactive features like on-screen guides, channel surfing, parental controls, and other options to enhance the viewing experience.
  5. Streaming and Mobile Access: Some Fios TV packages allow subscribers to stream live TV and on-demand content on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.
  6. Custom TV: Fios TV may offer customizable packages where customers can select specific channel groups that align with their interests, rather than subscribing to a predefined package.
  7. Integration with Fios Internet and Phone: Fios TV can be bundled with Fios Internet and phone services for a complete telecommunications package, often at a discounted rate.

Fios TV is known for its high-quality picture and sound, made possible by Verizon’s fibre-optic network, which offers faster data transfer and improved reliability compared to traditional cable TV services. This technology provides a superior viewing experience, particularly for HD and 4K content.

Why Should You Cancel Fios TV Service?

Cancelling Fios TV service is a decision that depends on individual circumstances and preferences. Here are several reasons why someone might consider cancelling their Fios TV service:

  1. Cost: Fios TV can be relatively expensive, especially when you subscribe to multiple premium channels or features. If the cost is a concern or you’re looking to reduce your monthly expenses, cancelling Fios TV may be a wise financial decision.
  2. Changing Viewing Habits: Many people are shifting away from traditional cable and satellite TV in favour of streaming services. If you find that you’re watching most of your content on streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+, it might not make sense to pay for a cable TV package.
  3. Overlapping Services: If you’ve subscribed to both Fios TV and streaming services, you might be paying for overlapping content. Cancelling Fios TV and opting for streaming services that better match your interests can lead to cost savings.
  4. Limited Time Spent Watching TV: Some individuals simply do not watch TV frequently enough to justify the expense. If you find that your TV usage is minimal, you may decide that a more basic TV package or no TV service at all is sufficient.
  5. Contract or Price Increases: If you’re under a contract and the terms or prices have changed in a way that you find unfavourable, you might consider cancelling your Fios TV service. Be sure to review the terms of your contract to understand any potential early termination fees.
  6. Content Availability: Depending on your location and the specific package you have, you may find that certain content or channels you desire are not available through Fios TV. In such cases, cancelling and opting for alternative services might be more suitable.
  7. Digital Detox: Some people decide to reduce their TV consumption to regain control over their screen time and focus on other activities, such as hobbies, exercise, or reading.
  8. Preference for Streaming Devices: If you prefer streaming devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, or Apple TV, you may want to cancel Fios TV to enjoy your content through these platforms.
  9. Channel Package Changes: Over time, cable providers may change their channel lineups. If your favourite channels or content have been removed, it could be a reason to cancel your service.
  10. Cable Box Clutter: The cable boxes and associated equipment can be bulky and take up space in your home. Some individuals prefer to declutter and simplify their entertainment setup by cancelling cable TV.

Steps On How to Cancel Fios TV Service

Cancelling your Fios TV service is a straightforward process, but it’s important to follow the correct steps to ensure a smooth cancellation. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to cancel your Fios TV service

Before you proceed, consider the following:

  1. Review Your Contract: Check your Fios TV contract for any terms related to early termination fees or notice periods.
  2. Choose an Alternative: If you’re cancelling your TV service, have an alternative in mind, such as streaming services, another TV provider, or no TV service at all.
  3. Gather Account Information: Make sure you have your Fios account number, phone number, and other account details on hand.

Contact Verizon Customer Service

You can initiate the cancellation process by contacting Verizon customer service. Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Phone: Call Verizon customer service at the phone number provided for account cancellations. This number is typically found on your monthly billing statement or on the Verizon website.
  • Online Chat: Visit the Verizon website and look for the online chat option. Initiate a chat with a customer service representative to discuss cancelling your Fios TV service.
  • In-Person: If you prefer an in-person interaction, you can visit a Verizon store or an authorized retailer to discuss your cancellation.

Speak with a Customer Service Representative

Once you’re connected with a customer service representative, inform them that you want to cancel your Fios TV service. Be prepared to provide your account information and reasons for cancelling.

Review Cancellation Terms

Ask the customer service representative to explain any early termination fees or penalties associated with cancelling your Fios TV service. If you’re under contract, make sure you fully understand the financial implications.

Confirm the Cancellation

After discussing the terms and your reasons for cancelling, confirm your decision with the customer service representative. They will guide you through the remaining steps.

Return Equipment (if required)

If you’ve rented equipment such as set-top boxes or modems from Verizon, you may be asked to return these items. Follow the provided instructions for returning equipment, and retain records of the return process.

Settle Outstanding Balances

Ensure that you’ve settled any outstanding balances with Verizon, including any final bills or fees related to the cancellation.

Verify the Cancellation

After completing the cancellation process, request confirmation of the cancellation in writing or via email. This documentation can be useful if you encounter any issues in the future.

Adjust Your Billing

Review your bank or credit card statements to ensure that you’re no longer being charged for Fios TV services. If you notice any billing discrepancies, contact Verizon immediately.

FAQs On How To Cancel Fios TV Service

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to cancelling Fios TV service:

Q1: How can I cancel my Fios TV service? A: To cancel your Fios TV service, contact Verizon’s customer service through phone, online chat, or in person at a Verizon store or authorized retailer. Provide your account information and express your intent to cancel.

Q2: What should I consider before cancelling Fios TV? A: Before cancelling, review your contract terms, have an alternative service in mind, and gather your account details. Be aware of potential early termination fees or notice periods.

Q3: Will I be charged an early termination fee for cancelling my Fios TV service? A: The presence and amount of early termination fees depend on your contract terms. Review your contract to understand the terms related to cancellation.

Q4: Can I cancel Fios TV service online? A: You can often initiate the cancellation process online by chatting with a customer service representative through the Verizon website. However, it’s advisable to contact Verizon directly for a more comprehensive discussion.

Q5: Do I need to return equipment after cancelling Fios TV? A: If you’ve rented equipment like set-top boxes or modems from Verizon, you may need to return them. Follow the provided instructions for equipment return.

Q6: What happens to my Verizon internet or phone service if I cancel Fios TV? A: Canceling Fios TV should not affect your Verizon internet or phone services. However, it’s a good practice to review and adjust your service plan as needed.

Q7: Can I keep my Verizon email account after cancelling Fios TV? A: You should be able to retain your Verizon email account even after cancelling Fios TV. Be sure to clarify this with customer service during the cancellation process.

Q8: How long does it take to cancel Fios TV service? A: The cancellation process typically takes a short time during the customer service call or chat. Be sure to obtain confirmation of your cancellation.

Q9: Can I cancel Fios TV temporarily and resume it later? A: Verizon may offer a suspension option, allowing you to temporarily pause your Fios TV service. Check with customer service to explore this possibility.

Q10: What are some alternatives to Fios TV after cancelling? A: Consider alternatives such as streaming services (e.g., Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video), other cable or satellite providers, or digital antennas for local channels.

Conclusion On How To Cancel Fios TV Service

Cancelling your Fios TV service is a decision that should be made with careful consideration of your individual needs and circumstances. Whether it’s due to cost concerns, changing viewing habits, or a desire to explore alternative entertainment options, the steps to cancel Fios TV have been outlined in this guide to help you navigate the process efficiently.

It’s important to be aware of any contractual obligations, such as early termination fees, and to communicate with Verizon’s customer service to understand your specific situation. Having an alternative plan in place and addressing any equipment or billing-related issues are essential steps to ensure a smooth transition.

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